Ptara is a storytelling company.  We use media to tell a story with a beginning, a middle and an end.

Ptara stands for The Prehistoric Tripod and Reptile Alliance.  We aim to bring European cinema back to its roots so that it blossoms again, to innovate by understanding the great masters of the past.

Ptara is a team of filmmakers, writers, artists and historians dedicated to becoming masters of our talent and creating Masterworks.  Oh, and we like to entertain too.

We are currently based in Aberystwyth, Wales, and we have plans for projects as far afield as Belgium, the North Pole, and even Manchester.

We’ve produced a variety of films, from teachers aids for the classroom to entertaining historical spoofs.  We make films and videos for theatrical distribution, government services, educational institutions, business and leadership coaches, and many others.  And we also write stories for websites and print.

Some challenging projects in our current line up include.

  1. Dara Says romantic comedy (Completed.  Available for distribution.)
  2. Naval History Project
  3. Untitled Sci Fi (in development)
  4. Bonjour Dewi (in development)
  5. 1812 timeline short stories (in production)


The Ptara logo is the copyright of and a registered Trademark of Vasco Phillip de Sousa.  All the above works are copyright of Vasco Phillip de Sousa, with Ptara being licensed to use the trademark for the works of Vasco Phillip de Sousa.  Any works not created by Vasco Phillip de Sousa may not bear the Ptara logo.