At Ptara, we are filmmakers and storytellers based in Aberystwyth, Wales.   We specialize in fiction, including sci-fi, romantic comedy, drama and educational stories.

Our films have taken us to Waterloo, Manchester, the foothills of Snowdonia, and we even survived the mean streets of Penparcau.  :)

We’ve created educational films, entertainment, and have recently completed our first feature film, Dara Says, which is being entered into festivals worldwide.

Some of our current line up:

  1. Dara Says: romantic comedy (Completed.  Currently being entered to film festivals.  Website. Like the Dara Says FB page.)
  2. Naval History Project
  3. (2 feature length sci-fi films in development)
  4. Bonjour Dewi
  5. 1812 timeline short stories