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Accommodation and Accessibility Policy

Ptara Ltd recognises the legal, ethical and moral rights of disabled people, including our customers, employees, investors and clients who may have disabilities.

We aim to make our products accessible to all audiences and spectators as far as can be done so within our economic or artistic interests. We concentrate of artistic production, and some things (such as subtitling) and are beyond the scope of our business and normally the responsibility of the distributor. We are open to opportunities that make our products more accessible, but we do note to customers that items like subtitling are beyond our standard fees.

Reasonable accommodation for staff, clients, stakeholders and customers with disabilities is a mutual obligation. We ask others to let us know what their needs are, and (if applicable) what limitations they may find in our current arrangements, and we aim to accommodate to everyone’s needs, as far as our limited resources allow.

We are open to suggestions to improving the overall accessibility of our products, services and our website.

We plan to review and update this policy should our needs, obligations, or circumstances change.