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Equality policy

Ptara Ltd is committed to fairness in recruitment, career advancement, remuneration, customers service, and all internal and external policies and activities.

We aim to meet equality laws and standards in every country in which we operate.  In the United Kingdom, this includes the Disability at Work Act and the Equality Act of 2010.  We expect the same from our employees and subcontractors.

We understand that there are exceptions in equality law regarding media and entertainment. In live or recorded performance, appearance may be part of the job description. However, for most things, the primary criteria are that the person can do the job, has passion for the work and has the work ethic to carry it out, as and when expected without unduly disturbing others.

We aim to make adjustments, when reasonably practicable, to accommodate for disabled employees and customers.

We aim to review this policy if and when requirements change.  If and when we decide to update this policy, the new policy may replace this one.