Quality Assurance and Guarantees

Ptara Ltd stands by every film we produce and all other media we create, and we aim to exceed client and audience expectations.

We make no guarantees about our services or products, and we do not guarantee the services of third parties (such as distributors, VOD providers, or banks.)  However, we do aim to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

If any film we have created has been found faulty, or does not fit its description, clients may let us know within 30 days. We aim to provide them with a suitable replacement or amendment.

If we cannot replace the product or service, and we determine that the product or service is not up to standard, our policy is to offer a full or partial refund, to make up any difference in value between what was advertised and what the client received.

We welcome suggestions from clients, staff members, stakeholders or customers* on how to improve our products, even when we meet or exceed current expectations. We have a policy of taking every suggestion on board and considering how we can meet those suggestions.

Complaints are to be handled in a timely manner.

We aim to update this policy when we have achieved quality assurance accreditation, and from time to time to adapt to changing customer expectations and legal and industry requirements.

* Note: Customers are anyone who buys from us or is seriously considering buying from us. Customers do NOT include: annoying younger siblings or any other potential irritants who never intend to buy anything. If you enjoy criticising for the sake of it, then send your critique to a newspaper.