June 14, 2017

Why I left Vimeo Pro (again)

I received the following email:

You’ve lost 15 of your videos.
Renew Vimeo PRO now to get them back online.
Hi Ptara Motion Pictures,

Because your membership has expired, your account has been downgraded to Basic, and you and your viewers have lost access to 15 of your videos.

Why? Your Vimeo PRO membership paid for the ongoing costs of video storage. Since you’ve downgraded to a Basic account, we can only store 10GB of the videos you uploaded as a paid member.

To get them back as soon as possible, renew your membership now.

Now, I didn’t have a lot of videos on Vimeo, and I think only two of them were longer than five minutes.

Last time I downgraded, I didn’t get the same email.  I think my videos stayed online (apart from the two that were on Vimeo on Demand.)

In general, Vimeo customer service has been getting worse.  They’ve been spending more money on advertising, less on videographers.

I’m not sure the company will last that much longer, which is a shame.  They were a great resource, once.

Vimeo is not worth the money anymore.  Youtube and DailyMotion seem to offer unlimited hosting for free.  I think I’ll try Vzaar for ad free hosting next.