Why your website’s survey sucks.

segments of questions, what did you... first time, weekly, every mon... How would you descri... would to a friend? On a scale of on to...ow would you rate the... over Ptara logoSo, as we’ve said last time, time is money.  Your readers might know this, and therefore be unwilling to give a survey after they found what they need, right?

Well, more and more, I’m being asked to answer surveys on almost every website I visit (especially media and government websites.)

These are usually put at the worst possible time, so I’m tempted to just tick “a” for each box without even reading it.  And, I bet most people do.

Now, if you want an honest answer to your questions, rather than the multiple choice options, here they are.

“Did you find what you’re looking for?”
I don’t know yet, your survey pop-up got in the way.
“How would you rate this website?”
Apart from the fact that it keeps asking me silly questions?
“Would you recommend this site to others?”
Only if they like taking surveys.

You get the idea.

The fact is, most website surveys are not well thought out.  The only thing you’re likely to discover with your surveys is that surveys can be a waste of time.

So, how are you supposed to do market research?  That depends on what you want to achieve.  But, perhaps you should also ask where you should do market research.  If you keep putting it right in front of your content, you might scare away your readers.

At Ptara, we know better ways of doing research, much better than throwing multiple choice questions in front of people.  Give them something to talk about, a starter point.  Our videos and other media have been used to initiate conversation in the past, and we can design media for you that gets people to discuss your product in new ways.