5 earth day films

I can’t stand The Lorax.  This year’s Peter Rabbit looks even worse.  Most environmental films make my eyes roll because they are so badly written.

To prove this isn’t some anti-green thing, I’ve chosen 5 green films that I actually enjoyed.

Furry Vengeance

A developer’s job is to get the animals out of the forest, to build a shopping hall.  The development has started with his own house, which begins to displace nature.  As the title suggests, the animals get revenge.

Other films along the same vein are Yogi Bear, the upcoming (though perhaps mediocre) Woody Woodpecker.  However, Furry Vengeance seems to be the genre type, at least it’s not an adaptation (or not an adaptation of anything famous.)

Brother Bear

This is the first film I saw that another viewer objected to because of its environmentalism.  I didn’t think of it as an environmental film when I first saw it, just about sympathy for your fellow creatures, like Beauty and the Beast set in the forest.

Perhaps it’s not as good as the other Phil Collins sound-tracked film, Disney’s Tarzan, but it is similarly enjoyable.

The Fox and The Hound

I liked this better than Bambi, but they are both seem to have the same anti-hunting theme, if you think about it too hard.  However, if you just sit back and enjoy it like it’s meant to be, you realise it’s a film about unlikely friendship, and the “environment” is nothing more than a setting.

If you like Fox and The Hound, you might try Disney’s version of Robin Hood.


Sure, this late film by the late Robin Williams is more about family than furry creatures, but it shows the beauty of the wilderness, and part of the ideal of being good as depicted in this film is not destroying the environment.

It seems relatively anti-corporate, or at least anti-big-business, in the hypocritical big studio kind of way, but surprisingly many conservative characters (including a home schooled family) are positively portrayed.  In fact, the bad guys are probably liberals, as is the liberal dad at the start when he’s unprincipled, selfish and arrogant.  RV proves you can be pro-conservative and pro-conservation at the same time, and still create an entertaining movie that the whole family can enjoy.

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