The BBC is worse than Trump

According to the Wiki people, “Studies show Latin American men understand masculinity to involve considerable childcare responsibilities, politeness, respect for women’s autonomy, and non-violent attitudes and behaviors.”

Masculinity with a latin accent, or machismo, is being used as a word to describe criminals by the BBC and others.  They are contending that traditional Spanish culture is very bad, making it violent and aggressive toward women.  It sounds like the things that Trump said about “Mexicans”, but at least Trump ended with “some of them are good people.”

Now, if a criminal gets away with something, that’s not the same as a bar full of smelly men being rude, and the rude men are not necessarily the same stereotypes as shown in The Three Amigos.  Machismo is not just a term to describe bad behaviour among men, it is a term to describe a certain view of masculinity.  And, that view is generally chivalrous, and not violent.  The macho is Zorro, not El Guapo.

It’s ironic how Killroy’s outburst got him fired, but similar attacks on hispanic culture seem not only tolerated, but published as official BBC “news.”  Sure, there was a news story in any injustice being done, but for an entire culture to be blamed for the acts of one judge and a few men, well, I thought that disappeared in the 1940s.  Trump’s tirade against Hispanics no longer seems shocking, now that the BBC has gotten into the act.

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