June 27, 2018

What we’re looking for, and what we’re not

Occasionally, we receive email from people who want to make films with us.

To clarify things, I’ve decided to put up a post about what I’m looking for and what I’m not.

We create fiction and art.  Our goal is to have a studio identity, to create new genres.  Not necessarily film.

We are not an equipment rental company.  We don’t have any spare cameras, tripods, to rent out or loan to other productions.  In fact, we are more likely to hire kit from rental companies, or hire freelancers with their own film equipment.

We are not film investors.  If you want to find film investment funds, read the trade papers (Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Screen International, Broadcast.)  Occasionally we find something on Shooting People (under the “get funding” rather than the discussions) or even websites like No Film School, but mostly it’s through established networks.  We already have a lot of projects.

We do not care what other people say about the so-called market.  I have absolutely no interest in yet another horror film or “marketable” genre picture.  Remember, Ed Wood said that Sci-Fi was a hot genre, and there were successful low budget sci-fis at the time, but his sci-fi movies still stank.  Remember, Titanic, Twilight and Mamma Mia were not considered “marketable” genres at the time.

Our team are mostly actors, directors and writers.  Some of us do other art as well (music and painting.)

We create fiction and art.  Our very first films were comedy and drama.  We have made documentary on occasion, but it is very time consuming and we can only afford to do that if it is fully funded.

Another thing we prefer about fiction, is that we prefer to know what we’re working with, and build upon that, rather than record.   There are many very talented documentary makers out there.  For us, the camera is a tool, which can sometimes be replaced by the paintbrush, the pixel or the printer.

If we wanted to follow the crowd, we’d be social media experts.  We aim to create films that we wouldn’t otherwise see at the box office.  But, we also consider other forms of fiction, like comic books or radio plays.

No, we aren’t aiming to make Manga or superhero comic books, or creating more Dandy.  We read that, and enjoy it, but we feel it’s already there.  Art is about creating what isn’t there, or showing what is there and not noticed.

Most of our films have a U and PG rating.  We understand that real people swear, and do all that other rated 15/18 stuff, but real people also spend a third of their lives sleeping.  Most rated 15 films are not offensive, they’re just plain boring.  (If you send us a message with swear words or racially offensive language, it might be deleted by our spam filter.)

We welcome contacts by investors, actors, and filmmakers who know who we are.   If you want us to work with you, or work for you, or you want to work for us, then be specific.  But please, don’t send us the same email you send everyone else, we are humans, not machines.

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