Vote Attila: Pitch

Logline: A debate shakes the colosseums. Who should take over the Roman Empire? Then, a new candidate emerges: Attila the Hun.


High Budget

Short Synopsis

Most people know Attila the Hun was a warrior, called the scourge of Rome. Attila has featured in novels as a villain or a hero.   but he’s sometimes confused with Genghis Khan, who was hundreds of years and thousands of miles away.

Very little information exists about the real Attila. So while we wish to portray an accurate portrait, this isn’t completely possible. Instead, we wish to spark the audience’s curiosity about history, by making the character come to life, the way big movies bring toys and books to life. For too long, characters like Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan were simply caricatures in films like Night at the Museum and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. It’s time to give Attila centre stage in his own story.

While our script does not pretend to portray the real Attila, it creates enough context to help us understand him a little better. But more importantly, the film will be designed to maximize the appeal of the character and his time. In the way Lego Batman suggests that there is more to the superhero than what we see in that movie, we’ll hint that there’s more to the Hun.

May involves large mammals, crowds and stadiums.

Updates to the project will be available at:

About Me

People who have worked on my films have gone on to acquire agents, get art commissions, and advance their careers in film and other industries.

I started out as an actor and poet, who was considering a career in hairdressing, among other things. Then, a friend of mine borrowed his father’s camcorder, and before I knew it I was asked to write screenplays.

In addition to screenplays, I’ve written poems, short stories, magazine articles, web copy, a novel, stage plays and screenplays, as well as speculative radio plays. I hope to add comic books to the list. Most of my writing is around history or is fiction.

I also do administrative work (including all the budgeting, transcribing, marketing and web design) and acting, and have had a hand at post production (including animation.)

I’ve acted in festival films and corporate films, post produced and crewed in corporate films, and done more on NGO and student films. More details of my experience may become available when I apply to work on your project.

A partial profile is here:
bloggy company website:

What I Want

First choice would be for an executive producer or development executive to make this film happen. Or maybe an agent. Someone with access to funding, or who at least has the nerve to try to raise money.

Even if we can’t raise enough to make it into a film right away, maybe it could work as a comic (first).

I hope to add this film to the Vote Attila website: as perhaps a proof of concept. I’m also seeking money to make the website better. I’ve begun an Attila feature, and being commissioned to finish that would be fantastic.

We plan to move this project toward inclusion in schools, as an introduction to Classical history. Teachers, museums, and others can show this film as part of a lesson about barbarian invasions, the colosseum, the Roman senate, and other issues presented and alluded to in this film.

Do you think you could help me get: Commissions for other projects? A job as a staff writer for a cartoon series? Funding to do this professionally? If that sounds too difficult, then this project probably isn’t for you.

Even if you don’t have the money to get this film made, perhaps you can join our team, so I can mention you as a team member when I apply for funding. In that case, let me know what attracts you to this project, and what you feel you can add to it (and a link to your Viadeo, Linkedin, Xing or other professional profile.)

If you’re interested in helping Attila in another capacity, let me know.

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