July 31, 2018

alternative jobs for film grads

John Ballard works in an air raid shelter, wearing protective clothing, cutting green substances off a carpet with a knife.  His job, according to Men’s Fitness, is “Breaking Bad meets the Good Life.”

“Controlled environment agriculture partly came about from people growing weed.” Ballard says.  What he grows, however is perfectly legal health food.  Perhaps it’s the creative streak that sent him to film school which also has him working on innovative forms of agriculture.

Another media graduate, born in the Ukraine but who studied in Canada, writes cook books.  I forget her name, but I saw media studies in her bio.  Other cookbook authors went to drama school, or similar backgrounds.

We see a lot of film grads who run their own non-film businesses.  They may go into restaurants, or campsites, or whatever takes their fancy.

Of the people who studied with me, some are in teaching, but not many are teaching film.  Teaching English abroad is a popular option.  Others work in the corporate world, doing jobs that have nothing to do with film.

Do you have an interesting non-film related job, that you got after film school?  Let us know, and we’ll add it to the list.

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