Rinsed in Blood

Tiney would kill to run her own salon. And she does, taking a shortcut to success, where the scissors fly so fast that they’re rinsed in blood.

Tongue Twisting alternative tagline :
Merthyr’s most murderous hairdresser makes hideous cuts “Rinsed in Blood.”

Feature length Horror Screenplay (copyright 1997, 2017, 2018)


Tiney has heard so many stories about her “war hero” ancestors, that she sometimes feels that assassination runs in her veins. But, living in peacetime, Tiney has different ambitions.

Ever since she was a little girl, Tiney wanted to run her own salon. As soon as she was old enough, Tiney landed her dream job, at the most stylish salon in Merthyr Tydfil.

But, when Tiney’s ready to take over, her boss doesn’t want to sell. When persuasion fails, Tiney’s ancestral instincts take over.

After taking care of the body, Tiney needs to take care of the witnesses. Next, she silences any accomplice who so much as suggests going to the authorities. No one is safe, not her co-workers, her customers, nor even her boyfriend and his slacker buddy Wilson.

And, she sweeps away the evidence, as if it were just excess hair.

About Me

My writing work ranges from ghostwriting to genealogy.

The first job I had in the UK was a trainee hairdresser. I started this script between shifts. That salon is now a mobile phone shop, and although I occasionally see a few of my former clients, my boss and coworkers seem to have disappeared.

After I left the salon (for reasons that a biographer may dig up) I earned a BA in Film and TV and French from Aberystwyth, and an MA in Media Production from Lampeter. I also studied film and theatre in France and Tucson, and participated in way too many short courses and seminars.

I’ve written, directed and line produced many short films, and a feature called Dara Says.

This may be out of date by the time you read it.

Contact emails include vasco *at* and vasco.dessa *at*

What I’m looking for

First of all, I’d like to wish everyone reading this a safe and Happy Halloween.

Ultimately, I’d like to run my own salon, on the way to a fashion empire that eclipses Vidal Sassoon, Toni and Guy, and Coco Chanel put together. And, I’d love to live in an old dark house guarded by gargoyles, hidden behind overgrown vines and shadowy oaks, with lots of locked rooms that no guests ever visit.

However, I’m not very big on publicity, so no mirrors. Only small hand-helds, for the clients. 🙂

For now, a non-disclosure agreement would be a nice start. And, if you like the script, we can arrange an appointment, to discuss style and any other details.

The “Rinsed in Blood” script is available for purchase or option. I retain moral rights to be known as the author*, sequel and adaptation rights (or at least first refusals), first refusals on rewrites, and residuals and other rights that are common to professional screenwriters. (*I’d like to do this under a pen name, if possible. )

Oh, and if you do change it substantially on set, give the actor (or whoever) an appropriate nod, like an “additional dialogue” credit.

If you can’t afford to option the script, I still might have something for you. Put on your best make-up this Halloween, and, if you knock at a reasonable hour, and remember to say “Trick or Treat!”

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