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Artificial Insolence (pitch)

Diana invented the perfect athlete, the perfect worker, the perfect woman.  When it comes to life, she feels like a perfect idiot.

Diana used to love sports, now she studies sport science.  She works at a restaurant to support her studies at Dragon University College.  However, she’s not happy with either.  Just as Diana’s about to give up on school (and perhaps on life) she meets Addy, a Polish business student with an irresistible energy.

As Addy gets to know Diana, he also discovers what he thinks is an artificial life form, residing in DCU’s intranet, known euphemistically as “AI 1.0.”  Addy convinces Diana, as well as the troubled computer science PhD who created it (Lanks), and Diana’s boss, to join forces to bring the “entity” to life.  Now, with a body, the AI becomes “2.0.”

The problem that an intelligent robot that can think for itself can also choose to disobey.  The campus is left in chaos as “2.0” proves that she not only is alive, but has a mind of her own.

Meanwhile, a secret entity (perhaps a character from early on, but we don’t want to spoil it) has another plan for 2.0.  They plan to build a series of robots to replace humanity, starting with everyone who know 2.0’s secret.

Can Diana save the world, win her guy, and still earn a first class degree?

(This is a pitch for the first part of a trilogy. The second part of the trilogy is probably over 100 minutes, the third part of the trilogy is 121 minutes. Yes, we said we don’t like franchises, but trilogies can work.)


The screenplay is finished and has been registered (as have the other parts of the trilogy.)

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