November 22, 2018

Questions on our production of Ibsen’s Ghosts

We’ve had a better response than anticipated to our casting notices for Ibsen’s Ghosts.  We’ve started responding, and have had some excellent questions. So, before we reply to everyone, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

This page will be updated as we reply to questions about the film.


While there are excellent translations of Ibsen’s Ghosts, Ibsen was not a verse writer, and I believe he would have preferred his work to be adapted rather than merely translated.  Arthur Miller did excellent adaptations of Ibsen’s plays, and so have other authors.  Even Shakespeare gets altered slightly for the screen.

That said, we will try to keep as much of what makes the text appealing and challenging as possible. We want to appeal to fans of Ibsen and his original text, yet add something that you won’t see merely by reading the play.

Some of the names may change, but they are being cast with Ibsen’s original role names.


Audition time and date has not been set yet.

We’ve seen some great showreels and impressive Spotlight CVs, for all three advertised roles.  There were responses by many actors who have proven that they have the talent to play Regina, Oswald Alving Jr, or Mrs Alving.

Therefore, we are looking at scheduling auditions.  I’ll post more when we have a time and place set, and plan to reply to all interested parties when this has been scheduled.

Video auditions

We had a few questions about online auditions, especially for the role of Regina Engstrand.    Yes, actors can video themselves for the auditions, and as long as any other people on the stage and the crew sign the necessary release forms, the audition can be posted online.

As for auditioning remotely, this could be used for the first stage, but we will eventually have to see how to actress for Regina works with the actress for Mrs Alving before casting either part.  There are other important interactions, such as Oswald and his mother, but it’s essential that the dynamic between the two women works well.

I can remember films like Batman Returns, where two excellent actors just didn’t seem right next to each other.  Other times, actors augment each other and are better together than either would be alone.  I believe they call it the “chemistry” these days, I used to use the word “synergy.”


Ghosts will be shot in Aberystwyth, in Wales.  Aberystwyth is three hours by train from the nearest town with an airport, five hours from London, and not easy to get to by bus or road either. But, it does host two film festivals that attract talent from around the world.

Near our actual shooting location, Parking is almost non-existent, and there are no sound stages, so we will likely rent a house, with the homeowner’s consent.  However, the production company is based in Aberystwyth, and there is local talent or nearby talent.  So, any travel and living expenses will be calculated in distance from the company’s registered office in Aberystwyth.

For most of those who live in Aberystwyth, the location may be walking distance or at least accessible by local bus services.

While people from anywhere are welcome to apply, it may be difficult for those unfamiliar with the town.


The tentative shooting dates are for January, 2018.  We plan to film mostly during the school day (9-3 pm).  Some prep may happen before then, and shooting may continue later.

Certain members of the crew (cinematographer and runner especially) may need to be available beforehand, in order to plan the film.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact us and ask.

vasco (dot) desousa @ (this domain name).

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