January 31, 2019

Modern Slavery Compliance statement

The government requires large corporations to issue a modern slavery compliance statement. Although we’re small enough to be exempt, we decided to anyway.

Ptara knows about slavery through our study of history. Over the years, the meaning of word slavery has changed, but generally a slave is someone who is not free to choose their workplace. The worst kind of slavery was when people were considered nothing more than property, and treated in ways that we couldn’t even imagine animals being treated today.

However, some forms of slavery still exist in the world. Some of these are hard to imagine. While forced labour is illegal in most of the world (except in some cases as a punishment for crime) there are instances where bad people do things illegally.

Ptara Ltd does not allow slavery on its premises, and has never used slave labour. We see slavery as a bad thing, and believe in freedom.

We also believe that in the film industry, there are extra problems with coerced labour that need to be dealt with through education. Misinformation needs to be tackled, in order that people don’t mistakenly think they have to work in conditions that are illegal, immoral, or degrading.

If we come across an episode of modern slavery, either in our supply chain or through our encounters, our policy is to discontinue business with the enslaver, to do everything we can to liberate the slaves, and to go to the necessary authorities to ensure that the guilty party is sufficiently punished.

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