Chinny McGringo

Five insults that went out with the eighties

  Some people will point to “progress” and show how technology (or legislation) has made certain jobs obsolete. Me, I prefer to have a positive outlook, and see how the number of insults people throw at each other has diminished since the Reagan/Thatcher/Gorbechev era.  So, here’s a list of five insults that were prevalent during […]

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What if Taft had won in 1912?

I often wonder why the so-called tea party keeps talking about “the past 100 years.” Do they see Woodrow Wilson’s election as the beginning of the downfall of America? Or are they still talking about William Howard Taft’s election, four years earlier? Whatever the case, 1912 was one of America’s most crucial elections. Had an […]

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Dying for a cup of tea, the nightmare that became a reality

11 May, 1812.  Scourrier  House (near Redruth) Cornwall. Mr Williams was in quite a state when he woke up his wife. Though the Williamses lived over 250 miles from the Houses of Parliament, Mr. Williams had a vivid vision, it was as if he were in the lobby of House of Commons.  In Mr. William’s […]

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Andrew Lambert and the War of 1812

If you read British history magazines, you’ve probably read Andrew Lambert.  He’s an academic who writes in a style that flows so well, you don’t notice the footnotes. This is in contrast to the man who Lambert claims is the founder of modern naval history, William James.  James, according to Lambert, didn’t just write stories, […]

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Still celebrating 500 years of Luso-Siamese Friendship

It has been more than 500 years since the first Portuguese ship carrying envoy Duarte Fernandes sailed into Trangque, but the celebrations of the long lasting relationship between Portugal and Thailand continue. The celebrations began a year ahead of time, in 2010 when a Portuguese training ship called the Sagres sailed into port to commemorate the […]

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Jobs Hope and Future in the Reagan era: part II

Last time, we reintroduced the “me” generation.  We told you that one writer represented everything good about the eighties.  And you asked us who that was. In the 1980s, everything was planned ahead.  Before a film was made, they had a screenplay.  So while Back to The Future didn’t hit the screens until 1985, many people already […]

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