Vasco de Sousa

Great Snakes! Australia in January 1812.

“A snake of the diamond kind has been lately killed at Blackwattle swamp, the length of which was 10 feet 4 inches, and its largest circumference five inches.” the Sydney Gazette reported on January 4th, 1812. A woodcutter was going about his business, when he turned around and saw the “monstrous” creature. Naturally the woodcutter was […]

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The first of all Human Rights

Human rights seem to be falling out of favor. I’ve heard old men deride them, as if they were some new legislative fashion akin to political correctness or “austerity” with their pensions. Recent events in Europe, with the so-called European Court of Human Rights, have tried to bend the meaning of “human rights” in that […]

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The Position

Our brave hero, the Ambitious Candidate (who was exploring the Sea of Jobs for a New Opportunity), was travelling from Interview Bay to FollowupLand, on the Career Peninsula, when his ship (the HJS Network) was blown off course by a barrage of unexpected questions.

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