The Sorrows of Deirdre

So, I had a film called “The Sorrows of Deirdre.”  I noticed something interesting.  Depending on who I pitch it to, my pitch changes. LinkedIn Pitch: It’s called “The Sorrows of Deirdre” and it’s based on Celtic mythology. Deirdre has been cursed with such beauty, that men’s desires her threatens to divide Ireland. To settle […]

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Eighteen thousand four hundred forty two. 18,442

That number above is the number of films on shooting people, last time I checked. Who has time to watch all of them? We can search by keyword. But, we might not know the right keyword. Then, add those on Vimeo, DailyMotion, Youtube, Netflix, and German, Hungarian, Japanese, Indian, Nigerian, Chinese and other video sites […]

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Happy Fathers day, Glad Fars Dag

Happy Father’s Day! I’ve never been to Sweden.  And no, I’m not half Swedish either.  So, why say Happy Father’s Day in Swedish? Well, we all have the same amount of days in a year, and we all have fathers, but the Swedish are allegedly the happiest people on earth. And, as our hobbies include […]

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Theoretical verses Practical filmmakers

Some people learn by study and observation.  Others learn by trial and error.  Most of us learn through both methods.  However, there are a few practical filmmakers out there who deny that they learned anything other than by experience.  Let’s contrast those with theoretical filmmakers, who learned how to make great films before they ever […]

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6 films about Mental Illness

As the second Monday in May starts mental health awareness week, we thought he’d find six films that show what Hollywood thinks about mental illness.  This list may expand as time goes on, but we feel these are most representative of the way society changes its views.

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5 earth day films

I can’t stand The Lorax.  This year’s Peter Rabbit looks even worse.  Most environmental films make my eyes roll because they are so badly written. To prove this isn’t some anti-green thing, I’ve chosen 5 green films that I actually enjoyed.

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