What your LinkedIn headline means to me

Montage of linkedin headlines that came up in search
mix of headlines and profile pictures

I like people who talk about themselves. It’s more interesting than politics, or academic philosophy. Let me know what you’re doing, what you’re struggling with, what your dreams are, and I can see whether we can help each other.

Now, increasingly, more and more LinkedIn titles are meaningless. They are philosophical sales pitches that tell me nothing other than ,”I waste too much time reading advice from life coaches.” Continue reading What your LinkedIn headline means to me

Is LinkedIn rubbish on purpose?

LinkedIN job post screenshot. See caption for description.
A job that has nothing to do with my skills (nor previous jobs nor education), in an industry I’ve never worked in. This is typical of what is recommended to me. Notice how at the bottom it says, “you have 1 of the top skills among applicants, find the 9 missing skills.”  The free upgrade is a trial of course, and it requires a credit card.

Ever since LI acquired Lynda.com, I’ve noticed that the job recommendations have gotten even worse. I’m told I have only one of the ten top skills for a job, or often none of the top skills, yet it is recommended to me anyway.  And no, these jobs do not match my previous job titles, and generally aren’t even in my industry. Continue reading Is LinkedIn rubbish on purpose?