Rinsed in Blood

Tiney would kill to run her own salon. And she does, taking a shortcut to success, where the scissors fly so fast that they’re rinsed in blood. Tongue Twisting alternative tagline : Merthyr’s most murderous hairdresser makes hideous cuts “Rinsed in Blood.”

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The Sorrows of Deirdre

So, I had a film called “The Sorrows of Deirdre.”  I noticed something interesting.  Depending on who I pitch it to, my pitch changes. LinkedIn Pitch: It’s called “The Sorrows of Deirdre” and it’s based on Celtic mythology. Deirdre has been cursed with such beauty, that men’s desires her threatens to divide Ireland. To settle […]

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How not to sell yourself

Occasionally, I get a spam message from someone trying to sell their services.  These are not replies to jobs I had posted, and they are not aimed at me. Here’s the latest one.  It’s actually better than most, at least the individual has outlined some abilities.  Now, you might say a bad pitch is better […]

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