The one reel rule

If you ask us the price of producing a one minute film, sorry, you can’t multiply that by 100 to make a hundred minute film.  As the project gets bigger, things get more complicated.  It’s like comparing a shed and a skyscraper. You have to take into account the one reel rule. So, what is […]

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Which Ghostbuster are you?

There are many great films about entrepreneurship, and the importance of a great team.   Two of my favourite are the first Ghostbusters (1984) and the first Cool Runnings (1993).  I haven’t seen the remake of Ghostbusters, I’m not a real fan of remakes. Now, here’s a little game: Which of these are you?

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Review: WPR rebuttal

“SenatorJPO” appeared to be going places.  He was an honours student at Wisconsin’s finest Universities, with a BA and MA to his name.  Then he graduated and appeared to be lost in the reality of underemployment. He’s now taking on the educational establishment, as well as public radio, with his own public service radio show.  For […]

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RIP Dream Repairman

There are too many books out there that tell you how to write a screenplay.  In fact, there are more books that tell you the “secret” of selling the Hollywood screenplay than there are working screenwriters.  That’s not to say that screenwriters don’t write their own: Joe Eszterhas, William Goldman, Nora Ephron, George MacDonald Fraser […]

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midsummer nights rearranged dream

Words taken from the start of Helena’s final speech in Scene II, rearranged: Helena: So I am, Love’s folding mind, wing’d Cupid looks not with the mind, but with the eyes; Through Athens I thought Things base and vile. But what of that? no quantity as Demetrius thinks Love so; He will not know: Because […]

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After the movie is shot, we can begin to assemble it

“Even if I improve a film 1 percent, that’s important to me,” Sam Pollard We’ve written the script, storyboarded the film, planned it, budgeted it, raised money (though not as much as we’d hoped), and now we shot the picture for Dara Says. Recently, someone congratulated us for finishing the film.   “Congratulations on finishing […]

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