Did Jefferson support a Balanced Budget amendment?

Back in 1997, when a Balanced Budget amendment was put forth by the US Senate, the Committee on the Judiciary quoted Thomas Jefferson almost from the start. Towards the top of Senator Orrin Hatch’s report it affirms that “the public debt is one of the greatest dangers to be feared by a republican government.” On […]

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Ten great British history films.

On, Honora James made a list of the top ten “English historical movies”, whatever that means.  Not only did Honora list a flick about a Scot as the top “English movie”, but she left out a few of the treasures that show the Sceptred Isle in its true splendor. So, I’ve made my own list […]

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Does religion cause war?

It has been ten years since a small group of men hijacked a few planes and flew themselves into buildings.  Their cause appears to have been a religious one. But we forget that millions of other people with the same religion don’t fly planes into buildings.  More significantly than that, other men flew themselves into […]

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Social Networking Promotes Garbage

A friend of mine… Do me a favor… could you please vote for… if you vote for me, I’ll vote for you… You sick of these messages yet? Gone are the days when critics and filmmakers were two different breeds of people.  Gone are the days when critics were professionals, who were not anonymous but […]

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Pedro de Soza

451 years ago today, Pedro de Soza was secretly murdered by the inquisition in Antwerp. The official method of execution for “heresy” of being a male Anabaptist was being burt to death.  However, the people of Antwerp didn’t like it when the foreign government killed innocent people. Many protestants, free thinkers and tolerant Catholics could revolt at the […]

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