Biopics?  Family Trees?  Background for story told in the past?

Ptara is happy to help you find those hidden treasures.

We started researching for fun, and to inform our own projects.  Now, we’d like to help you with yours.

Our researchers have been published in history blogs, genealogy magazines (including Practical family history and Family History Today) and have written historical books and screenplays.

We searched archives to create the documentary the United States and Ukraine.  In addition to archives, databases and newspapers, we have access to offline sources, and are always building our network to include historians and genealogists.

We don’t stop at political history.  Ptara has strong interests in art history, music history, military history, media history and the history of food.  (Ever tried Plantagenet pie?  It’s delicious.)

And we’ll also help you research the present, and make projections (predictions based on fact) of the future.  We find facts and data in hidden places.


In addition to our research services, we can translate old documents for you.  Our years reading historical documents has helped us see how the language has changed over the years, finding translations that the computers may miss.

We specialise in translating French to English, but can also research in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and even Welsh.

We have Welsh and Dutch speakers in our network who can be called upon to help us with the difficult projects.

(Note: We only translate into English for the time being.)