Smart Goal guarantee

Ptara will help you set Smart goals, goals that are Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic and Time Bound.

When you set up a SMART goal with Ptara, and you provide evidence that you follow our advice, we guarantee your project will be a success.

In our first consultation, we’ll discuss your goals, time and resources. We’ll then agree upon a time-table and an action plan by which we can help you reach those goals.

When the goal is set and the action plan is agreed upon, it’s up to you to keep your side of the bargain. This may include writing a creative brief, studying for an exam, or distributing the media we design for you. Then, we’ll keep ours.

If we don’t reach the goals, and you can provide evidence that you followed our advice completely, we’ll buy back the time, products and services that we sold you.