Bonjour Dewi

Faut il aller en France pour apprendre le français?

(Do you have to go to France to learn French?)
Dewi is not easily motivated. He’s not even bothered to change his hoodie, but he’d go to the ends of the earth for his dog, Ryan. So, when Ryan gets kidnapped and taken to France, it’s time for Dewi to confront his deepest fear: the French language.

North American Pitch:
Dewi is not having a nice day. After learning that he failed French, Dewi’s dog “Ryan” gets kidnapped and taken to France. Now, the Welsh speaking teen finds himself lost in francophonie.

Along the way, Dewi learns French from a strange cast of characters, including a pirate, mime and frog, as he orders food, changes clothes, and tracks his dog.

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