Unpaid work leading to paid work

As a historian, and a filmmaker, I’ve studied the careers of many screenwriters, directors and others.  As students, they do unpaid work under mentors (their instructors and more experienced students.)  Normally, however, their first industry job is a paid one. Outside the film industry, I’ve seen something else.  Sometimes, unpaid work does lead to a […]

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Advancing Aberystwyth mathematics problem

You may have seen flags up this summer for “Advancing Aberystwyth.”  These flags say there are events “supported” by local businesses.  Well, by taxes on local businesses. Did these events get you shopping more?  Did the chance to see The Goonies on the big screen bring you over from Birmingham, Boston, or Berlin?  Or even […]

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Eighteen thousand four hundred forty two. 18,442

That number above is the number of films on shooting people, last time I checked. Who has time to watch all of them? We can search by keyword. But, we might not know the right keyword. Then, add those on Vimeo, DailyMotion, Youtube, Netflix, and German, Hungarian, Japanese, Indian, Nigerian, Chinese and other video sites […]

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How do writers get paid?

There’s a common misconception that writers get paid per word.  But if you look carefully, only amateur writers, bloggers and diploma mills quote how much a writers should be paid “per word.”  But we’ll get back to that later. “Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous.” – L Ron Hubbard, sci fi writer, 1948. […]

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5 films shot in the director’s home

With recent scandals, we normally suspect a movie made in the director’s home. When the director is alone, it doesn’t matter whether the audition is in an office, an auditorium, or a hotel room, but hotel room usually seems suspect. Let’s return to a more innocent time, when many directors didn’t have bad intentions, they […]

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