Easter Eggs.

For most, Easter is a wonderful time of year.  Schools (and even many employers) are closed, so families of all religions can celebrate together.  Some paint boiled eggs, which are then hidden for children to find. Others use chocolates (or even toys) in the place of boiled eggs.  In any case, they are hidden in […]


Happy 104th Father’s Day

“A mischievous youngster named Wood Declared that he wouldn’t be good Till his father one day With a shingle they say[…]” Fill in the last line. Back in 1910, the Los Angeles Herald held a contest to finish that limerick.  Before you read the results, I’d challenge you to finish it yourself. The winning boy’s […]


Happy St. David’s Day

This year, the Welsh people may be celebrating a recent Rugby triumph over England. 200 year ago, however, the Welsh in Liverpool gave “loyal toasts” to the Royal family and other British notables.

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Have A Presidential Christmas

This Christmas, you may be hearing rumors that Santa Claus was invented to sell Coca Cola.  Well, Christmas is much older the Republican Party.  It’s even older than the Pope. The Founding Fathers inherited the tradition from the European ancestors, but in 1776 Washington’s army had little to celebrate.