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By using this website, you agree to the following terms.

By using this website, you agree to follow the law, and respect our privacy and intellectual property (including moral rights, copyright, trademarks, patent rights, design rights, and other rights.)  This means no pirating our stuff.   You may use “press this” and other copy-paste devices to take a snippet in order to link to our websites or send an email.  Do not try to circumvent any passwords, however, or reveal any spoilers.

If you own a silicon valley company that has terms and services that are over four pages long, or you own shares of it, you agree to transfer those shares to us in the event of a dispute between us and that Silicon Valley company.  You also agree to recognise the constitutional and natural rights of all your users, including the right to trial by jury, irrespective of what your terms say.  A silicon valley company is defined as any organisation or individual which makes you or me electronically sign (or agree to) terms and conditions to use their website, software, products or services.

You also agree not to harass, annoy, steal from, attack, threaten, or belittle our staff or your fellow users, or in any way harm our business or our health.

These terms are to be enforced under the laws of England and Wales, or the laws of any member of the European Union.  When we expand, we hope to have separate terms for every country on earth.  Regardless of your location, our copyright may be enforced under the laws of the United States of America or the United Kingdom, under the rules of international copyright treaties.

That’s about it.  Respect our rights under the law, and we’ll respect yours.

Privacy policy

We may in the future use cookies, in order to serve ads or make plug-ins work, or generally improve the viewer experience (for instance, making a game that remembers what you’ve answered so far.)   We try to make the website work without cookies, and use as little as possible, because we aren’t obsessed with statistics.

Please note that we probably only have information on you that you yourself have volunteered.    We attempt to delete this information as soon as practicable upon request, but processing times may be slower during the holidays.  We may delete any message which invades the privacy rights or other rights of a third party.

Other information we may keep about people includes information we have to keep by law, and information that may be important for security or the running of our business.

If you send us emails, please be aware that we use third party email providers, and therefore your email may be accessible under their terms.  If you’re concerned about privacy, it makes sense to communicate offline anyway, as ISPs are often monitored by governments and sometimes by hackers too.

US means the owners of this website, Vasco Phillip de Sousa and the others who have created content for this site.  Ptara Ltd does not have copyright to any of these assets.

Internal Policies

Below are a list of Ptara’s corporate policies and are only relevant to those who work with Ptara Ltd.   If Ptara ceases to exist, the following policies may not be binding.  However, most of the assets of Ptara Limited (including digital assets) have been transferred to their creators by sale or similar agreement, and most of the content of this website has always been the copyright of its creators.

Equality Policy

Accommodation and accessibility policy (Disability Statement)

Welsh Language

Staff Training (investor in people)

Quality assurance and guarantees

Creative integrity and intellectual property policy

modern slavery compliance statement