Need help with French Literature, Media, or using software?

Ptara offers training services.


Our graphic designer has an undergraduate degree in French, and has translated classic French plays into English, with a view to adaptation and performance.

He still works on plays and books that are in the curriculum, and is happy to help others decipher French theatre and literature, classic and modern.

He also plans to start a PGCE in French.

Media Studies

We love media. Our team founded the Film Theory and Analysis group, and led the Film and TV society at university. We read so many books on the media that we’ve been mistaken for PhD students or professors.

Our principal writer has an undergraduate degree in film and Television Masters degree in Media Production.


At Ptara, we’ve used a variety of music, film, graphics, administration, web and data software packages.  We may be rusty on some of the big names, but we’re always willing to dust off our skills for the right client.