Need help with History, French Literature, Media, or using software?

Ptara offers training services.


Vasco Phillip de Sousa has an undergraduate degree in French, and has translated classic French plays into English, with a view to adaptation and performance.

Vasco started a PGCE in French many years ago, and isn’t sure why he quit.  He loved teaching, but couldn’t find time to do all the paperwork and perhaps he didn’t get along with the science teachers.

He still works on plays and books that are in the curriculum, and is happy to help others decipher French theatre and literature, classic and modern.

American History and 19th Century history

The 1812 timeline is only one of the many projects we’ve worked on.  The United States and Ukraine, outlining the relationship between the two countries from the first world war to the invasion of Crimea.  We also did work on a book about the

We love history, so even if we don’t know the era you’re studying, we’re happy to spend some time outside of the lesson preparing.

We can also help you to start building your family tree online, or explore offline research methods with you.

And, when we have the right costume, we love re-enacting historical characters for you.  Would you like Richard III or Napoleon Bonaparte in your classroom?  We can make it happen.


At Ptara, we’ve used a variety of music, film, graphics, administration, web and data software packages.  We may be rusty on some of the big names (we haven’t used Microsoft Office in a while because we have much faster alternatives, and we’ve replaced Adobe for Affinity), but we’re always willing to dust off our skills for the right client.