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It's 2016, another one of those popstars has just died. But to Michael, that wasn't just any pop star.

Afraid he might be the illegitimate son, and afraid others might find out, Michael travels to London, then Croydon, in search of his roots. On the way, Michael discovers how other people see him and gains the courage to be his true self.

Short story and potential Indie Feature

2016. You might have heard of those famous people dying, but to Michael, it was different. He's a smart boy, probably the most intelligent in town, but a little too moved by gossip. The gossip is that this pop star had AIDS, and was Michael's biological father. (Michael dares not mention his name.)

So, Michael sneaks off to "London" in search of the truth. In Croydon, he's "John." Suddenly, the way he looks makes a difference. He's not used to how others treat him here, but the city is odd in other ways. He finds a "brother" who designs webpages but pretends to be a DJ. (Samson does the design, Pavel is ghosting the DJ work.) Michael pretends that Samson is his biological brother, but Samson doesn't catch on right away.

Michael proves his talent in more ways than one, but he's afraid to go back home or even reveal who he is. Can Samson convince Michael to continue his studies after explaining why he can't get work as a web developer?

© Copyright Vasco Phillip de Sousa 2016, 2020