Bonjour Dewi

Do you need to go to France to learn French?  

Dewi has had a bad day.  Une mauvaise journée, mais he doesn't know what that means.  He failed French, fell off a horse, then his dog got kidnapped and sent somewhere across the channel.  Can you help Dewi find his dog? 

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Counterfeit: The most derivative movie ever made. Family 🎭 melodrama 🎭 gone haywire complete with guns, ❤ romance ❤💔, 😈 bad guys 😈 and a car chase.

Ernest wants to be true to himself, to start his own family and retrain for a new career, but his ma wants him to keep supporting her. So, they compromise: Ma nags her big boy until his new partner drags him into the shady world of counterfeit goods.

Ernest risks not only his money, his soul, his sanity, his friends and his self-esteem but also the lives of the very people he was trying to impress, just for a lousy COUNTERFEIT.

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The Efficiency's

This family doesn’t waste time. In life or death.

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It's 2016, and another one of those popstars has just died. But to Michael, this wasn't just any pop star.

Afraid he might be the illegitimate son, and afraid others might find out, Michael travels to London, then Croydon, in search of his roots. On the way, Michael discovers how other people see him and gains the courage to be his true self.

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Locked In

The Sorrows of Deirdre 

Rinsed in Blood

Artificial Insolence

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